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  • Business Law

    Partners in our firm have been helping businesses navigate legal issues for over 20 years. We can assist you with startups, contracts, collections and employment law. Let us answer your questions today.

  • Business Law

Business Startup

When you start a business you are faced with a myriad of questions and issues which can seem at times overwhelming. Just one issue involves the form of business ownership. Are you going to be a sole proprietorship? A limited liability company? A corporation? If a corporation, are you going to be a Maryland Close Corporation, Professional Corporation or General Corporation? If a limited liability company, are you going to be a member managed LLC or manager managed LLC?

The form of your business will determine your exposure to personal liability, how your business is managed, the taxes you will pay, the cost of operating the business and numerous other factors. Once you make the decision on the form your business will take, it is difficult to change it in the future, so it is crucial to make the correct decision at the outset. Partners in our firm have been helping individuals start up businesses for over 20 years.

We advise clients on numerous issues including the type of entity to choose, regulations which may affect your business, financing and how to raise capital, and buy-sell agreements. Our partners are instructors at the Small Business Development Center regarding business start-up issues and are active in local business organizations, including the Chamber of Commerce. We regularly work with, and can serve as a referral source for, a wide variety of lenders, financial planners, accountants, insurance brokers, business consultants and other individuals who can assist you in starting your business.


Your business depends on cash flow and that your customers, patients, or clients honor their financial obligations. Our firm has a separate collection department dedicated to ensuring that debts are paid to the fullest extent allowed by the law. At the same time we make sure that your collection practices are conducted in an ethical manner and comply with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, so you do not become liable for improper debt collection practices.

Our clients include individuals, financial institutions, and numerous small businesses. Our collection department can provide a broad range of services, such as tracking down debtors, preparing demand letters, filing of District and Circuit Court actions, and judgment enforcement through garnishment, levies, foreclosures and asset attachment.


A written contract ensures that all parties' obligations are legally enforceable, and in many instances obligations may not be enforceable unless the contract is in writing. A contract can limit your liability and protect you in the event of litigation. We can assist you, or your business, in drafting and reviewing a wide variety of contracts and agreements.

We draft all types of business contracts, including by way of illustration: employment agreements, independent contractor agreements, contracts for the provisions of goods or services, buy-sell agreements, purchase and sale contracts, construction contracts, government contracts, and financial agreements.

Employment Law

We represent businesses who have one employee as well as businesses with hundreds of employees. Once you employ someone you become subject to thousands of federal and state statutes and regulations. We can advise you on how to protect yourself against potential employment law claims and how to comply with a myriad of regulations. We regularly draft employment contracts and employment manuals. We can also help you regarding litigation matters involving all types of employment disputes, including employment discrimination complaints

We can also help you regarding litigation matters involving all types of employment disputes, including employment discrimination complaints