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Financial Divorce Settlements Seminar

On April 22, 2014, Rebekka J. Vallandingham, an associate at Dugan, McKissick & Longmore, L.L.C, attended a seminar titled “Financial Divorce Settlements From Start to Finish” in Baltimore, Maryland. This area is important in the divorce process because of all the intricacies that could potentially cause problems should a party not be informed of their spouse’s assets or how to distribute the specific asset. The seminar concentrated on the issues of dividing retirement assets; finding, valuing and dividing other assets and debts; mortgage and credit treatment in divorce; divorce settlements and bankruptcy; tax treatment and consequences of divorce; and the ethical side in negotiating a financial settlement. One of the presentations focused on the different types of retirement programs and the pros and cons of each program, including how to divide retirement in order to benefit your client the most. Other areas that were focused on during the seminar included Qualified Domestic Relation Orders (“QDROs”), necessary when distributing certain types of retirement accounts, health insurance for the entire family in a divorce, and monetary awards.

Filing for a divorce can present many complicated financial issues of which clients need to be aware. Dugan, McKissick & Longmore, L.L.C. is experienced in assisting our clients through this complex and emotional process.

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